Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Art of Travel - Silk Road Trip
September, 2017

Yellow River - Binglishi Caves.
Kazakhs playing an early form of polo.
Comment:  Judy:  "Loved the ethnic experiences of the Kazakhs and horses and the drive up the Karakeram Highway. "
Yes, a Chinese Mosque in Xi'an.
Imam of the mosque was Hui Chinese.  The Hui Chinese were originally from Sogdia or Persia.
Transmissions and exchanges of musical instruments and dance from Persia to China.

Kathy at Gaochang--a cosmopolitan city on the ancient Silk Road.
Dr. Wang (left) was the Chinese archaeologist who discovered the terracotta warriors in the 1970s.
Ever eaten an entire lamb Uighur style?

The Mogao Caves in Dunhuang—the most important Buddhist site in the world
Barbara made friends everywhere!
Gerald, our Chinese specialist, getting his ears cleaned at People Park, Chengdu.
Comments:  Gerald received many "excellent" evaluations, including:
Judy:  "Absolutely amazing--Gerald MADE the trip for all of us in so many ways."
Mary Jo:  "Gerald was outstanding and really made the difference with his knowledge of the language."
Gansu Corridor Dunes in the Gobi Desert.
Panda breeding center.
Joris met a Chinese oilman from Zinjiang Provence on the train.
The one wok, one chef lunch.

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