Saturday, July 28, 2012

Italy--June 2012
What an A++ experience for us.  We loved the personal attention of the tour guides and unique experiences.  It cost more than we usually spend, but the value was there.  Thanks so much for helping us plan our adventure.--Sonnie

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Art of Travel Educational
Denver Museum of Nature & Science
Lecture by Ian Miller

Susie:  I wanted to say thanks for yesterday.  Amy enjoyed it also.  I thought we were lucky to get to be at the DMNS and hear that wonderful man, Ian Miller....  Nancy
Ian Miller (left) at DMNS

Hi Susie:
Well, Garrett arrived safely back in Seattle on the 4th of July....  He was full of individual vignettes but I think his favorite part was the initial "bush experience" in the Bristol Bay region and Lake Iliamna.  ...while he was at Crystal Creek he fished the local river there for two days....he did love Rainbow King and the variety of fishing that they exposed him to...pike, halibut, rainbows, salmon, grayling.

His experience at North Face Lodge was a happy one too.  He saw lots of animals and went hiking every day....  Came home with lots of photos....  He saw wolves, bear, caribou, moose and dall sheep and oh yes, a fox.  He did make the Polar Flight that you set him up with, in spite of doubtful weather in Fairbanks.  He enjoyed seeing the trucks that used the "ice road" and the pipeline....  Suffice it to say, he had a fabulous time...met lots of people and even took an all night hike in Katmai National park with some of the staff there.  Sounds scary to me, but he loved it.  Bears were in short supply in Katmal this year.  A heavy winter and very late spring delayed the salmon and along with them the bears.  He saw only one in's hard to believe since Nancy and I must have seen close to a hundred when we were there.  All in all, a successful trip for him.  Thanks muchly for all your good planning....  Fondly, Nancy

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Alaska Trip
Dee:  Your help is worth much more than this!  You've been terrific!--Thank you, Jane

Friday, July 6, 2012

Paris Trip
Dee:  We cannot thank you enough for all your wonderful planning and effort on our Paris trip.  Whatever would I do without your fabulous help.  Many thanks, Nancy