Monday, May 23, 2016

Newport, Rhode Island--A Colonial & Gilded Age Journey
Art of Travel Group Trip
May 2016

Comments and Photos

Susie Mammel:  What  a pleasure to work with a small, private, adventuresome group and watch them engage with such high caliber gentlemen from Newport, Rhode Island.  Dan, author, lecturer, preservationist, is one of those.  His wealth of knowledge is layered by historic architecture, religious freedom and the wild stories from the "Gilded Age."  On the other hand, Paul, curator of the Newport mansions, led us through a plethora of decorative arts to build the layers even higher.  Gilded Age Newport is one of a kind in the world!

Dan Snydacker:  Author and preservationist 
of all things Newport, our connoisseur guide
at Kingscote.

Dan Snydacker:  Susie:  What a great time we had!  This was a wonderful group of very accomplished, intelligent, energetic women.  Your prompting to dig deeper into the meaning of what we had seen was really stimulating.  

Paul Miller, Chief Curator, Newport Preservation 
 Society in kitchen of Marble House

 A folly" in the beautifully
 landscaped garden. 

Sandra:  As you know, I read "Gilded" on the way home from Newport and finished the book as we landed.  One advantage of reading later is that I recognized people in the book I never would have thought about until visiting their homes.  Let the group know that there is reference to Laurence and Judith on page 254 and the opposition to their museum being in the neighborhood.  Neighbors showed up to oppose their use in zoning hearings.  They may not feel welcome yet!  Also, on page 264 is a reference to Ronald.  We missed a wonderful intellectual by not meeting him.  He hosts wonderful dinner parties and is a well known part of the community!  So sorry we missed meeting him personally, but we did get to experience his surroundings!  What a fun trip!  Looking forward to continuing my education in the wonderful estates and gardens on England!  Thank you so much for arranging both of these memorable experiences!
Janie in the Ogden Codman garden.

 High tide

Newport caviar at high tide

Famous Newport Private Beach by Artist, Childe Hassam

The Breakers, Vanderbilt Museum, Newport

Margo at The Breakers

Margo:  I thought the trip was fabulous...really top guides and Inn.  Meals were great (prefer apples at lunch, but I can be flexible...).  You really aced the weather!  Could not have added one more sentence with more information.  But, for my back, I thought the ratio of walking to bus rides, etc. was good and the special touches were really wonderful--Ron's visit, the art gallery, etc., even your reading list was spot-on.  Seriously, reading "Gilded" was a terrific introduction.  Thanks for such an excellent experience.

George Washington pew--Trinity Church, Newport

Kathy, Nancy, Kaye, Janie, Janis at Francis Malbone Inn, Newport

Janis:  I loved the trip.

Nancy, Kathy and  Margo, enjoying girlfriends in Newport

Hunter House and Townsend Goddard furniture 
makers.  One of the rarest examples of a slab 
table that survives today.

Shirley at the home of Doris Duke.

Our 1960s Doris Duke look.

Kaye at the Clark Cook House, Newport

Sandra--lunch on the run in Newport.

Janie:  This is a very interesting article about Touro Synagogue.  I thought you might like to read it since we were just there.  What history that place had and what a wonderful trip we had.  Susie, thanks for all you did to make the trip so special for us all.

Dan Snydacker, tour guide:  These are the headlines in this morning's paper (May 17).  The boxed quote is from Bea Ross.  Thought the folks in the tour might be interested.  Update:  ...the Touro Synagogue will remain with its congregation and not become a museum only.