Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Art of Travel Educational--
China Silk Road Trip:  September 12-29, 2017

On October 18, Art of Travel held an informational presentation at Shaver Ramsey Gallery in Cherry Creek.  A highlight of the event was a Dunhuang dance performed by Emma, a student at Ni Shang Dance Academy in Denver.

Comment from Emma: 

"Thank you so much for giving me such a great opportunity to preform! It was my pleasure to get invited. I loved the little gifts that you gave me! I enjoyed meeting all of the people and sharing my knowledge of cultural dancing and Chinese culture." Emma

September - October 2016

Here are some comments and photos from Art of Travel's recent group trip to Sicily.
Paestum Temple of Zeus with Darrell & India
Janet and Gayla enjoying a glass of rose at Cofume
Lava flows on Mt. Etna

Which Greek mask for the theater--Sue.

Yes, Nancy and her milk toast.

Carol at Planeta Vineyard

Don't go to Amalfi without Adrianos, your singing driver on the Coast.

Don't go to Sicily without Francesca of Sicily.
Cathy & Shelly in Ragusa.
Beautiful Jan.
Darrell, Marion, India in Lipari.
Sandy making pasta.

Cooking school

Donna--Aeolian wind fun!

Dee in Lipari

India, Guillermo, Carol, Sandra

Greek masks at Lipari.

Sandy:  "Yes, things are going well and I've enjoyed sharing our wonderful trip.  you did such a great job of finding varied activities, special hotels and excellent guides...keys for successful traveling!  additionally, I truly appreciate your thoughtful help when health called for plan changes.  I also enjoyed having time with you and your sister, Carol. The entire group was a fun, impressive collection of women!  I'd love to be present for the next gathering and look forward to debriefing via Jan.  Hope you keep traveling!  All the best!"

Donna:  "Thanks for the memories...one fantastic trip!"

Jan:  "Thank you for all you did to make Sicily 2016 fun, endlessly fascinating, and educational far beyond expectations.  For countless moments of thoughtfulness and caring, I am grateful."

Nancy S:  "It was a sensational trip to Sicily. I had an exceptional experience."   

Friday, August 12, 2016


Lough Corrib
When your Frostian heart demands the road less traveled and your dreams beckon to places not yet seen, prevail upon the powers of Art of Travel to transform your intentions to reality.  

A woman on a mission, I required an itinerary with well-planned logistics whilst exploring specific archeological sites in the west of Ireland, from Galway to the surrounds of Beautiful Clew Bay with an island for every-day of the year.  Art of Travel plans maximized every moment. By providing the perfect, knowledgeable-chauffeur, I experienced a seamless extension of planning real-time oversight lending the necessary flexibility to accomplish all my goals. Plus, extras!

From the wild Atlantic Way and Connemara, to Cork and then Dublin, Art of Travel facilitated access to every request for people and places.  I should have asked to meet the President! Art of Travel connected all dots into a trip of ideal beauty and form.  Helen

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Susie Mammel at Virtuoso Travel Week in Las Vegas

A highlight of the Virtuoso Travel Week is seeing Geoffrey Kent, an icon in the travel world and now author of his new book, "Safari".  Susie--August 8

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Naoshima, Japan

A great destination for art and design--Naoshima Japan... Pamela
Japan Trip--June 2016

Dear Susie:  Thanks for lunch and the delicious cookies.  We dove into them right away!  The trip was wonderful and we never could have done it without your help.  Best, Pam

Friday, June 24, 2016

Additional Comment
The Art of Country Living

Thank you once again for a trip of a lifetime. Our trip to the gardens and manor houses in the Devon countryside was magical. Kaye

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Japan Trip--In Progress
June 14, 2016

Live from Kyoto Japan.  The Geisha family make-up session.

Thursday, June 9, 2016

England Trips - May/June 2016
London & the Chelsea Flower Show
Art of Country Living

 Off to Chelsea Flower Show Gala
What a glorious trip we had to England, replete with fine weather!  The Chelsea Flower Show, now 140 years old, was our anchor and how it has changed over the years.  Garden designers came from all over the world, as well as manufacturers of garden supplies.  New garden displays took on new themes including a "Slave Garden" giving a visual of human trafficking and domestic slaves.

Another important visit close by and giving perspective on Chelsea was the Chelsea Physic Garden. Those gardeners called the physic garden the "real garden" as contrasted to the Chelsea "fake gardens".   Originally an apothecaries garden, it is the second oldest botanic garden in England.  I enjoyed learning that the tobacco plant was used to treat swine flu.  It was there we heard the Chelsea designer gardens had plantings from various zones all blooming simultaneously none of which would ever bloom at the same time or in a similar clime.  That bit of information made those designer gardens at the Chelsea Show more "fantastastical"!  As one head gardener said, "plants are like guests invited to a party.  You don't put some with others..."

On the countryside trip to Kent and Devon, the top choice was Pashley Manor Garden, privately owned by the Selleck Family.  There were 800 years of gardens here and a showcase for David Austin Roses in the walled garden.  What I found interesting was the history of the Pashley sheep.  They fed on the roots of the trees (Pashley is actually an arboretum too) and as a result produced a very high quality of lanolin.  The sheep wool made for wonderful birds nests as well.  So everything is thriving at Pashley!

Then there were the private visits!  Minnie Churchill, Liz and Johnny Astor, the Cliffords and the Arrans.  Oh I can't forget Sir Benji Slade who hosted a fabulous lunch in his garden with so many of his eccentric friends.  Be sure and notice the fabulous hat on the table in the photo with Kaye and Sandra with Benji. 

The Arran's, Castle Hill, a palladian country house, was the best.  5500 acres of parkland and gardens all with fabulous vistas from the patio. (Be sure and note that photo below.)  And their dining table was exquisite. We enjoyed formal dinners, beautifully served by Robert and Garry, footman of the old world.  I couldn't help but notice their perfect deportment in service to Lady and Lord Arran.

The Art of Country Living unfolded in spontaneous moments...the pets at each household, the portraits of the pets, pets at the tables!  The passion for gardens...creating  new birthday gardens for milestone birthdays!  Neighbors bringing shrubs, and other plant material to place in the new birthday gardens...the art of the picnic...champagne served in the beautiful garden follies, and, much much more.

This was not a cookie cutter trip, or even a custom trip.  It was a discovery trip where something new unfolded every minute!  It took a cast of characters to make it happen!


Pashley Manor House and gardens, 
a favorite for everyone, including Patti

Curt giving scale of a huge oak at Pashley Manor.

Linda with Minnie Churchill at Chartwell.

Sir Winston Churchill.

Lunch at Astor Estate--note wisteria in background.

Susie at Sir Benjamin Slade's Maunsel House, Devon

The Art of English Living includes special pets.  
Nancy & Page in Castle Hill dining room.

Caroline--Best guide in England 
in the gravel garden at Beth Chatto's Garden

Beth Chatto's Garden, Essex.

Kaye & Sandra at Ben's surprise luncheon.
I just want to share that I read "1000 Places to See Before You Die" and there were THREE on the list which we had just visited in the past seven days!  It listed the White Gardens at Sissinghurst, the Lake at Stourhead with its pavilion, grottos and folies, as well as the seaside walk through the Valley of Rocks to Lynton in Devon.  For those who did Chelsea flower Show, that was on the list as well.  What was not included (but would be for anyone fortunate enough to have stayed there), I would add our fabulous stay at Castle Hill with Lord and Lady Arran.  It was the true PRINCESS experience if there ever was one.  You have provided life's memorable moments once again.  Thank you so much for organizing these wonderful opportunities,  We are so lucky to be your friends.

Susie at iron gate.

Private lunch at medieval gatehouse in East Anglia.

Kaye in a world of rhodies.

Lady Nell in her garden.

 Nothing like an English garden in Devon.

Patti in the world"s smallest elevator in London's largest museum. 

Ceramic or glass installation for a show at Royal Hospital.

Tea for three at a lovely private home in London.  
Nancy and Page with surprise guest.

Sue, Curt and Vicki with the Queen at Pettifers' party.
What was not to love about this trip?/  London is a most-engaging and fascinating city and visiting it in the spring for the Chelsea Flower Show and tour of gardens in/around the city was a wonderful experience!  As has been true for me with Art of Travel trips, three times now, I can only be awed by and applaud Susie for finding her travelers THE BEST guides and experiences and helping us wend our way around new environments in as comfortable a manner as possible.  Caroline was a font of knowledge about her country, city and historic, and current personages, and I especially enjoyed her version of the TOP 10 at the British Museum, an add-on that several of us enjoyed before the actual tour began on Monday, the 23rd,...how else to start contemplating that daunting institution?  I left the tour half-way through, but can say that visiting the flower show and seven gardens was enough stimulation to last for quite some time.  Prince Charles' country estate, Highgrove, and the Chelsea Physic Garden were my personal favorites, though all was GREAT!  Fun to be with congenial fellow travelers and the Kensington Hotel at the corner of Queen's Gate and Brompton Road, was a lovely small hotel.  There was not enough down time to even write postcards, but would rather be experiencing and enjoying at the end of the day! I had a perfect return from the black cab, Heathrow Express and the flight back. Very great way to get to/from Heathrow.

Tommy Clifford at his private Ugbrook Chapel.

Curt and Vicki.

Curt and Vicki with designer of Harrods' garden.

Which way smartie boy?

Finale on Devon coast with naturalist guide, 
Richard--notice Wales faintly on the horizon.