Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Turkey and the Greek Isles

We booked our 30th wedding anniversary trip through Susie Mammel at Art of Travel. Everything was fantastic; flight seats, being picked up and delivered to airports, incredible hotel accommodations and tour guides, the best room on the ship! We have never felt so pampered and taken care of. Our trip was amazing, start to finish.
Thank you Susie and Art of Travel for creating such a memorable trip for us!

Sandy & Richard
Hagia Sofia 

Basilica Cistern

Santorini, Greece

Galapagos Cruise

I’m here in the Galapagos relaxing with my friends the Sea Lions.  This indeed a trip
of a lifetime!  I felt so at peace and at one with nature, as it was meant to be. Up close
and personal.  I loved every minute of this trip, a life changing experience.  


Alaskan Cruise


Attached are some photo's taken during our 50th anniversary Alaskan cruise. The trip far exceeded expectations...sightseeing was awesome!...weather very pleasant!...shipboard life offered something for everybody-the kids LOVED it!...we did it all -ziplining, dogsledding, kayaking, rafting, float planes to watch bears catching salmon, etc.

Best of all...wonderful family togetherness, and lot's of great memories. This was a PERFECT venue for a family trip. Lot's of fun and just the right mix of activities and family time.

Mike & Nancy
Mike & Nancy

Bear & Salmon
 At a cabin on Kenai Peninsula

Preparing for a speedboat excursion