Friday, February 21, 2014

South America Cruise on Holland America
From Rio to Santiago

This was the best vacation ever.  Saw the Falkland Islands and Antarctica.  The weather was sunny and perfectly clear.  In fact, the weather was unbelievable most of the time.  Couldn't have asked for anything better.  Every place we went was excellent!  We couldn't have asked for anything better.--John, Raylene, Charlotte and Ella

Monday, February 17, 2014


The accommodations of the Big Five were wonderful and service of the hotels excellent.  The driver was superb and the guide adequate.  I strongly suspect that the guide got kickbacks from the stores he took us which is part of their culture so the prices at one store in particular were higher than I would have liked. The quality of the goods were excellent though.  The guide and driver were always punctual and polite. I like Tauck better because kickbacks are not tolerated in their organization and the guides constantly superior. As far as India is concerned, the culture is toxic to women, it is customary to take advantage of a tourist; the dirt and poverty extreme.The temples beautiful, the people we encountered were very friendly and the women colorful and for the most part beautifully dressed. I can not prove the kickback theory so I would strongly prefer it not mentioned to Collin as I do not want to be unfair to the guide  It is customary practice in India but I find it abhorrent. But you may want to let your other customers know if they decide to go with the Big Five as a guide to India and spending money.

I hope you and Dee are doing well. Cheers!  Karen