Monday, October 31, 2011

The King and Queen, Morocco Trip

Nancy in Erfoud, Morocco

Dining in Dar in Fez

Nancy & Polly after a tagine in Morocco

Konovolenko Lecture at Denver Museum of Nature and Science

Thank you so much for the opportunity to view the brilliant collection of Konovolenko gemstone sculptures at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science, to hear Steve Nash's lecture, and then to have Konovolenko himself to stop by for a riveting visit! Nancy

France Trip

Dear Dee,
You did an outstanding job and everything was on schedule and went according to plans. Bud & I want to thank you so much for all of your help. Kaye

October 28, 2011 - Morocco Trip--Fall 2011--Comments of Travelers

Susie - what a marvelous adventure. You are to be congratulated many times over: our wonderful guide, Abdel; the variation offered (I really felt I had experienced a wide window look at Morocco, its people, history and customs); the scholars in place at so many locations; the execution; fellow travelers; the wonderful accommodation (especially my lush apartment in Casablanca!) .... so, so many incredible experiences I know I would have never had in any other way. Thank you for everything. Elizabeth, Edmonton, Alberta

A quick note to thank you for the most amazing trip; it was absolutely
fabulous. I had a glorious time; it was a great, fun group; you and Abdel were the best of directoire and caliph, with all sorts of lovely perks. I look forward to traveling with you again. Many thanks, Nancy, Denver

Thank you for yet another grand experience. Morocco has now become a reality in my mind, as you do such a good job of exposing so many aspects of a country. The variety of activity was just right for me. . .from the historical walks to the camel ride, from dinner at grand home of the de

cendent of whomever, to the walk through the darkened, most humble homes in a village medina, as well as lunch high on a hill where the chicken tagine cooked over an open fire was incredible. Meeting Tahir Shah and actually walking through shanty town to his home was incredible. The contrasts of Morocco are so striking and are found in the landscape as well in the lives of the people who live there. Nancy #2, Denver

Terry & Elaine in Stockholm

Elaine & Terry on a scenic canal ride in Copenhagen

Friday, October 28, 2011

October 28, 2011--Comments from Italy Trip

The Nair Family traveled to Italy this year. Here are some of

Mrs. Nair's comments:
It's been over a week since we returned from our fabulous trip from
Italy. We had Ms. Cristina, a personal shopper In Milano. She was
excellent! She was worth every euro we spent. I recommend her highly
for clients looking for unique Milano items. Of course, Milan has the
usual big brand names which she is familiar with. She took us to the
local artisans of Milan. These people are talented artisans. Cristina
was knowledgeable. After spending an afternoon with us, she could
decipher our likes and our tastes which made the shopping excursion the
following day quite productive. We had Mauro as our driver again and
he is a wonderful gentleman.

My favorite part of the trip was viewing the Last Supper. Balan and I
did not know that the Last Supper was painted on a wall. Well, we had
Donatella as our guide to view the Last Supper. She was excellent. We
got sidetracked on our way to the next museum. We happened to come
upon an exhibit that showed Da Vinci's original notes and sketches.
So, we made it to the next museum but only saw a handful of Italian
impressionist art. We were so thrilled to see the Last Supper and Da
Vinci's original notes and sketches.