Friday, August 12, 2016


Lough Corrib
When your Frostian heart demands the road less traveled and your dreams beckon to places not yet seen, prevail upon the powers of Art of Travel to transform your intentions to reality.  

A woman on a mission, I required an itinerary with well-planned logistics whilst exploring specific archeological sites in the west of Ireland, from Galway to the surrounds of Beautiful Clew Bay with an island for every-day of the year.  Art of Travel plans maximized every moment. By providing the perfect, knowledgeable-chauffeur, I experienced a seamless extension of planning real-time oversight lending the necessary flexibility to accomplish all my goals. Plus, extras!

From the wild Atlantic Way and Connemara, to Cork and then Dublin, Art of Travel facilitated access to every request for people and places.  I should have asked to meet the President! Art of Travel connected all dots into a trip of ideal beauty and form.  Helen

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Susie Mammel at Virtuoso Travel Week in Las Vegas

A highlight of the Virtuoso Travel Week is seeing Geoffrey Kent, an icon in the travel world and now author of his new book, "Safari".  Susie--August 8